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  • EdwinP wrote: » Not sure how many people still check in on the forum lately but I thought it may be worth while trying to arrange another trip amongst the WA Rokstars. I was thinking late june, but if another date works throw it up and we can g…
  • I had the same experience when I bought mine. Stealer told me I'd get it back once finance had gone through to them. Took a month of phone calls and 2 visits to get it back. In the end I just walked straight into the dealer principals office and …
  • Had the compressor checked. It was cactus.
  • amarokworkhorse wrote: » Normally that would be the case. I've been doing automotive A/C systems for 15 years and have seen plenty of direct drive clutch failures due to failed compressors. It wasn't until my personal Rok experienced the issue tha…
  • It's the magnetic ring thing that activates the diff. At least that is what my mechanic told me. Not a VW mechanic. Never been to VW since new due to them being thieving arrogant ......... Anyway, I couldn't justify the extra cost. The …
  • Ktal wrote: » Could be a common defect that VW should recognise. Five occurrences in this forum so far. Was your car repaired Driller and do you know the exact cause of the fault, electrical (sensor, ..) or mechanical? Make that 6. Spent a …
  • easeback wrote: » Yeah, and a tailgate [emoji15] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I have the light somewhere. Can't help with tailgate though. I'm in WA.....
  • I spotted that a year or so ago. I mentioned it to the Ranger at Steep Point, had NFI what I was on about.....😞
  • [MENTION=5629]easeback[/MENTION]. You still chasing a tail light?
  • Ha ha. You guys are full of it.... on a lighter note, it's been wet up here all week, so should help with the soft sand at Lanno... Hopefully I'll be there when you arrive.
  • That's the rock mate. Just painted rims yellow with custom mud guards!!😂😂😂😂
  • Fair enough.... I've had to get the old cattle grid out to grade my drive. My Rok doesn't like bumps, or getting dirty........[emoji33]
  • What's better than pi$$sing on no colour wanna be Roks [MENTION=4931]Dingorok[/MENTION].
  • I'm there...... Challenge is on [MENTION=5221]EdwinP[/MENTION]
  • [MENTION=8515]Madmax455753[/MENTION] What are the new issues?
  • [MENTION=9378]nat.andrews[/MENTION] 👍👍
  • [MENTION=5221]EdwinP[/MENTION]. Don't you mean a "No Colour"?? 😂😂😂
  • Dang it. Looks like I missed out!!😞😞
  • I'm in. As long as Jetstar get me home.....😞
  • I'm keen for that weekend. Overnight too. I'm already tuned up so won't be needing that service. You know that Manta do ecu tunes right?
  • Mud no good...... I'm allergic to cleaning.....😂😂😂😂
  • That will work for me, should be back then. But don't rearrange it just for me mate. If any other weekend suites more people, go that one. I'm easy!!
  • [MENTION=5221]EdwinP[/MENTION]. Sorry mate. Just been told I'm flying to Adelaide for work on the 17th so that's me out!! 😞
  • May is out for me. June is good though.
  • JamROK02 wrote: » My "no colour" rok is almost ready to get thrown at some un-exitable features.. I'm keen for a power lines trio this week. Never been!! Sent from my OnePlus 3T ($600 > your iPhones) When you throw it at things, d…
  • I've spent a few nights in the bush just North of the sandy cape. It's nice and sheltered if the weather is right. And I just happen to know the owner of a property there that may give access to places I've not been to yet. Other than that I'v…
  • Fair enough... On a side note, I keep meaning to jump into one of the trips you guys keep organizing. I live inland of Lancellin so if you guys head north, I'll be in.....
  • Ahhhhh... Salesman's wingman!!
  • EdwinP wrote: » Cheap snorkel anyone? Please view this ad: Amarok snorkel,…
  • All good here. Always responds to texts or calls.