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  • No. 10 spline
  • Looks as though Calibrated is busy again. The forum is no longer navigable without sifting out dozens of spam posts. There are members willing to take on moderator duties but Calibrated seems to like to hog the job. Time to put in more effort Calibr…
  • Looks like there are no moderators any more, even CALIBTRATED has not been seen since the forum changeover to Vanilla
  • Best get a Fumoto drain plug. I got a F106SX which has an M14 x 1.5 thread. They come with a nylon nipple that you attach a pvc hose to. Local dealer is up near foot of Blue Mountans. Best to check your sump plug thread as mine was for a 2li…
  • Nothing malicious on my computer using firefox
  • Get the FUMOTO oil drain valve f106sx , you could believe it was made for Amarok's, no adapters just screw it in after next oil change. It is a banjo fitting and the valve rotates 180 deg and does not foul on the sump Regards Bruce