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  • Hi Mrwillz I have a rear chrome highline v6 bumper can you pm me . I will be travelling to melbourne week beginning 16 april if you wish further info about bumper please let me know Sparky60
  • sclarke7171, yes i still have the entire assembly and i live in latrobe valley gippsland vic. Sparky60
  • Thanks rokhard, I'm reasonably comfortable with the set up of the amarok . when off road and camping with all accessories and gear and people the weight sits around 2750kg give or take a little for extra fluids . it was more the issue of caravan we…
  • Thanks Vegie I'm having as much luck with my endeavours to get onto the ausamarok forum without getting blocked by telstra as i am with getting info as to how to get the towing upgrade i will try my local dealer again hopefully they can find out mo…
  • G'day JD0683, I'm not in nsw but I have a complete front bumper assembly from an Indium grey V6 Highline . If you have no luck up your way maybe something could be arranged . Sparky60
  • ntboozer wrote: » G'day all, Anyone got a later model 2lt Rok front bumper in good condition they want to get rid of after fitting an ARB, TJM etc bullbar? (if you've cut down your bumper to fit a Rhino bar and similar then it's no good to me). I…
  • Josh and Steve, Thankyou both for your replies. I was hoping it was around the 700Nm plus area , so it sounds promising for a future power upgrade. Thanks for your time Sparky60
  • Thanks Drew appreciate the info thanks for your time Sparky60
  • G'day everyone, I'm a new member joined 5th July picked up my V6 Highline on 20th July. First off would like to thank Ash from Wolf 4x4 for His time and explanations regarding the amarok suspension and his recommendations considering the all the mo…
  • Hi all, new to the forum, actually only recently joined, have read this thread with interest have recently bought the new V6 Highline and the load box was never mentioned by the dealer. I have also recently replaced all my caravan lights with LED's…