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  • Did you manage to find your hubcaps?
  • That would be great jackeyejoe. I'm happy to pay for the hubcaps & postage. Let me know the damage for both & we can sort something out. Cheers Andy Ph 0404982516
  • Ok guys I'll have to confess...light rain the night before & the cruiser heroes didn't let they're tyres down enough. Still, pretty impressed with the Auto though.
  • Thanks for all the feedback guys, I feel better for it. My 2015 Auto Core Edition is going in for its 15k service Wednesday, I've asked the dealer to check on it anyway. This is my 2nd Amarok, the first was a 400 TDI 4x2 manual, after 65k decided t…
  • Well, VGA are going to cover the cost of the headlight adjustment & a refund will be available from the dealer who did the work. VGA are going to investigate the poor service from the dealer where the vehicle was purchased. Southside VW DVG.
  • Hi, Kalrok, Yes it appears the lack of customer service is widespread once they have taken your money for a new vehicle. I have noticed the high turnover and unhappy demeanor of employees at dealerships I've frequented which backs up The comment Da…
  • I received a follow up call from VGA about 2 hrs after lodging my complaint. They are in agreeance that both dealers have performed poorly. They will be contacting both dealers. They assured me that I will get a refund. I mentioned that I'm not real…
  • Yep, Southside service dept is terrible, the service manager seems like he really hates his job and his customers.
  • Thanks for that hungry6. I did end up paying the 88.00 bucks to the dealer to focus the headlights and they seem better, although I'm yet to test them properly. I have since received follow up calls from both dealers regarding the customer service…
  • Thanks for all the help guys, I'm gonna bust out the allen keys tomorrow night.
  • My 2012 tradie pack had a squeaky AC tensioning pulley at 50k,took it to Vw to replace and they found the AC compressor damaged as well. Had to get a new compressor & pulley. Bottom radiator shroud fell off & passenger side window stopped wo…
  • 93_vector wrote: » Thanks guys. I took out a new manual amarok and an auto as well. I think I'll hang out for an auto - I may even look at a new trendline. It's considerably easier to drive as I do a lot of town driving. The manual shift isn't th…
  • Yeah mine does the same. I,ve even noticed that I'll have to pump the brake pedal once if stationary on a hill for any length of time....Dealer says it's normal...hmm.
  • 1st to 2nd is stiff so I just take it easy and make sure to push the gearstick towards the passenger side, reverse is also stiff but try it a couple of times and sometimes it goes in sweet... oh yeah I voted only when cold
  • Nope still very happy, gearchange getting better between 1st and 2nd, reverse still a bit stiff but better ,not sure if it's me or not but whenever anyone else drives it they have trouble. whenever Ive got a passenger on a long trip they fall asleep…