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  • Does anyone out there have a VCDS cable I could borrow or use? I'm thinking of buying a new BCM from Flea Bay, and installing myself to save a few bucks. I live in Sylvania, Sydney. Will throw in beer of choice for Xmas as a thank you, lol, cheers.
  • LOL, yea, I know what u mean Tojo. Mines 5 years old too. 100,000 on clock. A mate of a mate works on VW's, and he's pretty sure its my BCM too.
  • Hi Tojo. So what did you do? Did you get the BCM replaced for $1800??? Andy Tojo wrote: » I lost my central locking, then everything. Motor runs, and looks like I have lie beam. Everything else electrical is dead. $1800 quoted for a new BCM…
  • I live in South Sydney, Sylvania EdwinP wrote: » Where you located?
  • The flares are black, unpainted. Make me an offer
  • OK, thanks for that info. Do you know if the body control module is a single unit that controls all the doors, or does each door have one? Or where the body control module is?
  • OK, will look into that. If I turn it off, at least it won't drive me crazy. The front door still won't lock, but at least the automatic locking will be disabled. I've looked around for solutions on the net, and a lot of other countries, especially…
  • Hi Hurls. My drivers side door won't lock, and I'm thinking it might be the locking mechanism. Do u have a locking mechanism? Not sure if it would be the same as the drivers side mechanism or not???
  • Hi Dave. Quick question?? I have the same problem as Haydn2. (auto lock keeps clicking when I hit 25 km/h.) Just had the stage 2 tune done, and I had a few electrical problems after the tune. Steve from Coolum motors who did the tune, found the pro…
  • A few years ago, I read a thread on this forum, where a certain member (can't remember who), disconnected his front sway bar. He said he got an extra 120mm of suspension travel in the front of his Amamrok!!, while off roading. That's a whole lot mor…
  • Are the flares up for sale? How much?
  • Just wondering if you guys are still going? What day and where? Cause I'm keen, especially for the 4th June, but could go on other dates depending. Andy
  • I'm definitely interested
  • Are the tyres and rims still for sale?
  • TN85 wrote: » If anyone is wondering on the wheel setup, I'm running 16x8 +10 offsetAttachment not found. Looks pretty accurate with the offset but with the way the KM2 tyre goes inwards is you probably can get away with +20 offset Hi th…
  • Indigo, when are you planning on going?
  • Will, have you sold the bar yet? If not, I'm interested. Andy
  • Yea, but how long would it take for the camera to come up on the screen when u jump in the car and want to reverse up? I will look into it.??
  • Just wondering. Is there any way you could hook up a wireless camera for reversing, to the iPad? I know you can buy BT or wireless cameras. Would it take long to get the picture up on the screen when reversing?
  • mmm, I don't know about that.... Still thinking about As far as I know, the sway bar will limit suspension travel ( and I'm talking about diagonal undulations here) In another thread on the forum (can't remember which one), a member said h…
  • Just reading this thread, and no one has mentioned anything about the front sway bar. Seems to me, that my front suspension won't travel the full suspension travel (still standard ), because the sway bar is so strong. With the diff drop, and a suspe…
  • Hi Tamarok. Did you get the shorter bolts (tray bolts) from Bel_Metric for your lift? I can't get them in a 10.9 grade anywhere. So i am going to email Bel-Metric for a quote. Andy
  • Yea, interesting point you bring up Winchy about the clutch being bled.... I know the clutch is hydraulic, and runs off the same reseviour as the brakes. 2 years ago, when getting my 2011 serviced, I asked them to bleed the brakes, to see if that w…
  • Hi all. Looking at doing a 25 mm lift on my 2011 manuel. I want to keep it to 25mm and not 30mm. It sounds like the easier option. Had a quick look for the bolts and spacers. Cant find either for the 25mm lift. The smallest is 30mm spacers on Ebay.…
  • Hi Peter. I'm still a bit confused as to what terminals and interface plugs I need. Basically, I need constant power for a relay. Ignition power for a UHF. And power for a rear camera. I've sent details to you in a PM with my phone no. Hopefully …
  • Dave, I'm with you on this one. As far as I can see, a suspension lift and body lift make no difference. Best to get a decent offset on you wheels, so as to miss the control arms and chassis, cut the crap out of you wheel arches, so the tyre doesn't…
  • Can you tell me a bit about the external aerial? I live out at Broken Hill, and I've had 2 incidents lately where I had to ring the emergency services, and I didn't have enought reception. What brand, does it get better reception, and how much did y…
  • LuckyLuke, have a look on the passenger side front wheel. At full lock, when the car is turning to the right, the wheel might be touching the chassis at the front. I'm running 265/75/16's, at that's where they touch lightly on the chassis?????
  • What can I say, I'm a firie. Lols