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TDI400 Double Cab

Rabbit's MY11 with ARB Bullbar (Candy White)
A.J.ROK.400's MY11 with Genuine Towbar & Rear Step (Reflex Silver)
MattyBee's MY11 (Candy White) with Black King Wheels with BFGoodrich A/T & Tray fitted with Toolboxes & Ladder Racks.
andyf_78's MY11 (Natural Grey Metallic)
SMW87's MY12 (Reflex Silver Metallic)
obie.83's MY12 with ARB Bullbar & winch, Dig Options Multi media thingy (Like it a lot) & Reverse camera, ARB smooth canopy, Roof racks and internal bars for the roof top tent, Awning, Fuel offroad wheels and Cooper 17" ST-Maxx, Front springs upgraded for weight of bullbar, MCC side steps (Candy White)

Calibrated's MY11 Trendline with ARB Bumper/ARB Canopy (Deep Black)
JockAmarok's MY11 Trendline (Reflex Silver)
Lostindust's MY11 Trendline with 17" Alloys/Headlight Protectors (Natural Grey Metallic)
Jbw's MY11 Trendline with Sports Bar/BF Goodrich's (Reflex Silver)
TIMM's MY11 Trendline with 20 inch Alloys (Deep Black)
fingers' MY11 Trendline with Colour Coded ARB Sahara Bar, Flexiglass Canopy & Towbar (Candy White)
Mattydee's MY11 Trendline with Goodyear Wranglers (Candy White)
Kev's MY11 Trendline with EGR Bullbar with IPF Spotties, EGR canopy, Side Steps, Speedliner Tub Spray, & Bonnet Protector (Reflex Silver)
greenrat's MY11 Trendline (Reflex Silver)
LeonFNQ's MY11 Trendline with 17-inch Aldo's (Reflex Silver)
Jgrindo69's MY11 Trendline with Mountain Top Hard Lid & Thule Tray Top Carrier (Reflex Silver)
twkgill's MY11 Trendline (Candy White)
icebergstu's MY11 Trendline (Reflex Silver) with ARB Bullbar ARB Lift Kit 45mm 45mm, Old Man Emu Springs, Nitro Charger Shocks
BRU's MY12 Trendline (Natural Grey Metallic)
Cupsta's MY12 Trendline (Candy White)
SJC72's MY12 Trendline (Reflex Silver) with ARB Bullbar & ARB Snorkel
gregdt's MY11 Trendline (Candy White) with Clarion 501A touchscreen, sports bar, side steps, hard top, 20” G8 with Cooper discoverer H/T 275/45
shameless' MY11 Trendline (Candy White)
Sdr' MY12 Trendline (Candy White) with TJM Rear Bar (Smart7 Trailer ECU), TJM Airtec Snorkel, TJM Dual Battery tray and Management System, TJM Front Struts and Coils, TJM Underbody Guard, TJM Deep Dish mats, Belkin Bluetooth system, Federal Couragia MT
dal0037's MY12 Trendline (Candy White)
scj uber's MY11 Trendline (Candy White)

roscoe_w's MY11 Highline (Candy White)
gav's MY11 Highline with Bonnet Protectors/Side Steps/Hardcover Sports Lid/Sports Bar (Ontario Green)
ntboozer's MY11 Highline with 18" Durban, HD Spring pack & Speedliner (Natural Grey)
webby's MY11 Highline (Candy White)
Azza084's MY11 Highline with Tuff Bullbar & Side Steps (Candy White)
ROKenIT's MY11 Highline with 265/70/17 Mickey Thompson MTZ, WARN Winch, ARB Sahara Bar (Candy White)
themightygruetzi's MY11 Highline (Natural Grey Metallic)
Zac's MY11 Highline with Mendoza Interior (Sand Beige Metallic)
Papipro's MY11 Highline with Black Dakar Alloy Wheels (Candy White)
Sparky's MY11 Highline (Reflex Silver)
Piemole's MY11 Highline with Mickey Thompsons on 245/75/R16 Kingwheels 16x7 and Carryboy Canopy (Deep Black)
carpi1971's MY11 Highline (Reflex Silver)
JakBiz's MY11 Highline (Deep Black)
Slicky's MY11 Highline with Black Sports Bar and Side Steps (Deep Black)
ICEWOLF's MY12 Highline (Reflex Silver)
Maverok's MY11 Highline (Reflex Silver)
Sambos' MY11 Highline (Candy White) with ARB Bull Bar & Canopy with Steelies
eyebrow's MY11 Highline (Candy White) with Genuine Black Sports Bar
thechucky's MY12 Highline (Natural Grey) with Side steps, Tow Bar, Bluetooth, EGR Bullbar & Flexiglass Canopy
SAROK's MY11 Highline (Natural Grey)
Tornado_ALIVE's MY12 Highline (Mendoza Brown)
Fritz's MY11 Highline (Candy White) with ARB delux winch bar, ARB Canopy,ARB Alloy Canopy roof rack, UHF, Sure Fit Denim Seat Covers & Oz Trail awning
ARG68's MY11 Highline (Mendoza Brown) with ARB Sahara bar, IPF Spotties, Warn winch, Safari Snorkel, GME UHF, Pedders Track Ryder front coils, Ultimate canopy, VW tub liner, VW towbar, VW side steps, Fiscon bluetooth & General Grabber AT2'S
tonycrh's MY11 Highline (Natural Grey) with 19in VW rims, Alpine INA-W910R sat nav/DVD/IPod/Phone, Sunroof Hollandia 900m, Bumper Design Element, Hard top Tonneau cover, Blackmans Custom Leather
LuckyLuke's MY12 Highline (Candy White) with Black sports bar, 17" wheels powdercoated black, Mickey Thompson ATZ 4Rib 265/70/17, ARB OME suspension lift (comfort), VW Towbar, Red Arc brake controller, GME UHF TX3540, Xrox bullbar (black), Lightforce Genesis 210 50w HID lights, Safari snorkel, Rhino lining (black) & Matt black tailgate
snapsimo's MY12 Highline (Natural Grey)


  • phaetonphaeton Senior Member
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    To everyone wanting to be apart of the Members Ride List please follow the below !!!

    1) Post a thread with an image and information on your Amarok :D
    2) PM me and I will add you in due course ;)

  • dazzasdogdazzasdog Member
    edited August 2012
    12 noon tomorrow i get to pick up my highline auto candy white ive got a shed full of aftermarket add ons to fit this weekend alpha canopy thule roof bars dual batteries tow bar reverse camera floor mats and the rhino liner next friday arb compressor tint asap cant wait
  • SMW87SMW87 Senior Member
    edited January 2013

    you might want to have a look at the links. I dont think they are all working. I know mine (SMW87) goes to the "UK Amarok club off road weekend" thread.
  • snapsimosnapsimo Supporting Member
    edited January 2013
    Mine goes to 'OEM gps antenna position'

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  • Ryan7Ryan7 Senior Member
    edited January 2013
    I just checked a few and they went all over the place, different threads, different posters etc.
  • Tornado_ALIVETornado_ALIVE Forum Addict
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    lol, mine goes to an engine temp guage thread.....
  • GoeyGoey Junior Member
    edited September 2013
    my name is mick but everyone calls me goey, im new to ausamarok, and im wondering how i go about adding a thread to post pics and add myself to the "members rides" thread???..
  • wolftamerwolftamer Senior Member
    edited September 2013
    Hey Goey, Welcome to the forum.... There is a Five post minimum before you can start a thread, so just jump in on other threads and get your posts up.... Have you got a Rok yet??? What color??? D/cab or S/cab?????
  • GoeyGoey Junior Member
    edited September 2013
    hey wolftamer, cheers... yep i have a 2011 dualcab, silver, highline 4 motion... currently chatting to wolf4x4 about suspension, lift, wheels and nudge bar, hoping to fit 33's... there are some great forums on here, with excellent detailed info...... its my first VW as ive owned several cruisers, but thought id swap it up this time for some comfort also off road capable... but finding mods and basic stuff is hard, i guess the more of us that buy and mod the VW's the more readily available after market parts will become available...
  • Andrew MaineAndrew Maine Member
    edited November 2013
    Goey, just got on here
  • ForbieForbie Senior Member
    edited January 2014
    The Amarok arrived on the last day of 2013, with 10km on the odometer. A toffee brown Highline auto with lights and vision package, sports bar, tub liner and sidesteps.
    This is my first 4WD, but not the first VW. There is also a 2010 Golf.
    I just wanted a 4WD, any 4WD. Model (ute, SUV, Dual cab, single cab) or make (Mazda, Izuzu, Nissan, Toyota, etc; did not matter.
    I plan to tow a camper trailer or caravan on some excursions to see some out of the way places in Australia. So far, most of my time and energy has been spent holidaying overseas.
    After extensive research and test driving, buying the Amarok was a no brainier, especially at the heavily discounted price of a MY 2013 on the last day of the year.
    The Rok has just been to the dealer for its first free 1000km service.
    There is little wrong with it. A small dint in the driver,s door, passenger grab handle cover falling off, a rattle in the drivers door/A pillar/, all fixed.
    I am still learning its capabilities and have to refer to the manual often.
    Probably do a 4WD course to get the learning right.
    Just love driving it.
    A very informative and active community.
  • Dark RokDark Rok Member
    edited November 2014

    New Dark Label from 3 weeks ago, 2000km on the clock now and loving it!
  • snapsimosnapsimo Supporting Member
    edited November 2014

    ACV Eastside Massive!!!

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  • mcluckie83mcluckie83 Senior Member
    edited January 2015
    IMG_1939.jpgHi all i have burnt copper(orange) MY14 CANYON auto.

    only mods on the ute so far are uhf radio. roof mount DVD player for the kids and an ARB compressor in the tub.

    In my shed i have king springs (2 inch) tjm winch , roll and lock tub cover, and 25mm lifting blocks for the rear on order.

    buy list for over the next couple of months will be a ARB deluxe bar so i can fit the lift and winch.

    will keep you posted.
  • USDUSD Member
    edited September 2015
    candy white 2015 highine
  • TRUMPATRUMPA Junior Member
    edited February 2017
    Picking up next week...Aug 2016 085e37107308f02b27b687e67b749538.jpga22d3e73e884245bf889169805743f71.jpgTDI420 Core cab chassis with lumbar support and fog lights. Window tints going on Monday and looking forward to the drive. Haven't test driven one. Looking to fit seat covers, reverse sensors mounted to tray brackets (saw a pic someone had the sensors drilled into the existing tray brackets) and a reverse camera. Any other suggestions for additions are appreciated, thank you

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  • jackcat550jackcat550 Junior Member
    edited May 2017
    Hi new member, just recently purchased my first ROK, 2012 Highline,candy white,ARB Sahara bar,TJM lift,TJM snorkel,hard lid.

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  • BradndallyBradndally Junior Member
    edited July 2018
    My 2014 Core at Elliot Falls on the Old Tele Track... Cape York... 35b89924210f6e27fad95429747538d4.jpg

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