Coorong national park

KarlbotKarlbot Senior Member
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Hey guys was wanting to do a beach camping trip over these holidays. Can anyone shed any light on coorong? Are dogs aloud? Any permits required?


  • TPSSATPSSA Senior Member
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    If you go into the Coorong National Park, you need to purchase a pass at the entry station, $13.00 from memory.
    42 mile crossing is easy access to the ocean, but can cross at tea tree crossing if it's dry. Start your adventure at Salt Creek and speak to the man at the servo (Adam?)
    Just a note, sorry to say it but stick to the tracks, don't make new tracks and clean up your rubbish. I'm sure you are part of the majority but "some" people think they can forge their own tracks and treat the Coorong as a rubbish bin......
    Enjoy [MENTION=4860]Karlbot[/MENTION],its a great part of the world!
    Cheers, Tim.
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    [MENTION=4860]Karlbot[/MENTION] Was just interested to know about this park so googled and found this hop it helps
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