Goog's Track

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In the early 80s I lived in Ceduna and did Goog's Track.
In May 2016 I did it again. It brought back a lot of good memories.
We had 8 vehicles. Mine the only Amarok and also the only vehicle towing a camper trailer.
Goog's track was built in the 70's by "Goog"Denton, his son "Dinger"Denton and brother in law Denis Beattie.
It starts at Kananbi (North of Ceduna) and ends at the railway line.
We camped on the track for 2 nights. The fist at Goog's lake and the second at Mt. Finke.

There are about 300 sandhills climbing up to about 25 metres. The first real test I had was one I failed. I couldn't get up a sandhill and had to be towed by a Toyota.
I then tried driving without the 4WD systems activated. From then on I tackled more difficult sandhills with ease.
My advise if that when in sandhills the 4wd systems actually is a hinderance. It is great in other terrain. TURN IT OFF.

If you want to know more about Goog's Track there is an excellent book written by Jenny Denton (Goog's wife)



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    Looks like a beautiful part of Australia. What state is this in?
    Tjilpi wrote: »
    I couldn't get up a sandhill and had to be towed by a Toyota.

    Did anyone hassle you for this? I know a lot of people who wouldn't let you live that one down, even if it was the only one.
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    South Australia.

    Most on the trip were Toyota owners and they were impressed with the way the Rok performed when I did not activate the 4WD System.
    One said he was sick of seeing me coming over the sandhills without any problems.
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