Bendleby Ranges Trip Report

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Hi All,

Over the Easter weekend we ventured up to Bendleby ranges north of Orroroo. We hired a hard floor camper trailer from Coolibah Campers at Golden Grove to make the trip a lot more comfortable and to make daily 4WD'ing easier than swagging it under the awning.

Bendleby Ranges is about 3 hours easy drive away from Adelaide, they have secluded camp sites and group camp sites that share toilets, showers, camp kitchens and power hook up points. The 4wd'ing at Bendleby is AMAZING! The tracks are spread over the two ranges, the Bendleby Ranges and the Hungry Ranges. Bendleby is the easier of the two with easy to medium tracks to tackle, and Hungry Ranges caters for medium to HARD tracks throughout.

We cut our teeth on Saturday morning on the "test track" at the camp site, negotiating the steep climbs and twisting river bed. I experimented with the diff lock verses no diff lock on the same climb..... With the diff lock on it made the climb easy, with the diff lock off it got half way ad sat there revving ultimately grasping for traction through the two wheels that contacted the ground. Note to self: if you've got it, use it!

I'll let some of the pictures speak for themselves :)





There's something to be said about non-stick fry pans......
It gets worse.......






At the bottom of Billy Goats Track.
The infamous "Billy Goats Track"


The 4 cars we had in our convoy were Mike in the Pathfinder, Steve in the Patrol, Robin in the Ranger and us in the Rok. All of the vehicles had strengths and weakness's in different places, but none of them got stuck. Mike had just installed an auto locker in the front of the Pathy and it was so capable, literally unstoppable. Steve had to pick his lines carefully due to no lockers or traction control but made it everywhere, he even got the nickname "hardline" due to always taking the hard option :) Robin was in the Ranger, well all I can say is there's no substitution for experience and Robin went everywhere in a bog stock Ranger with no fuss at all. the Amarok performed well, not getting stuck or even casing out on the rocks all weekend. I was pretty happy with that.

Overall we had a great weekend with great friends. The Kids had a ball, which means the parents had a great time :) i would thorough;y recommend this place to anyone that's looking for a 2-4 day trip that has great camping facilities with excellent 4WD'ing to boot!

Cant wait to get back up there.




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    Looks great Tim. Thanks for the report- this place is definitely on my list to visit!

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    Nice one Tim, I'm up there in a month, cold at Night?

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    SAROK wrote: »
    Nice one Tim, I'm up there in a month, cold at Night?

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    Hi Dave, I wore shorts and a tee shirt all the time, but I don't tend to feel the cold.
    It got down to around 11deg each night, with no frost.
    All in all we had great weather.

    Have a great time up there mate, make sure you do "link track" in the Bendleby Ranges and all of the Hungry Ranges!

    Cheers, Tim.
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