Simpson Desert probable trip plan

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Hi guys
Have been doing some planning for a trip me and a couple of mates are planning
can the experienced desert trekkers please have a look and advise on routes and timings
Proposed trip plan Roughy one

Home Sunshine Coast
Charleville 785 KM 1 Day

Development Rd
Hammond Downs
Birdsville 835 KM 1 Day Fuel here

Simpson Desert No fuel or water
Big Red
Poepells Corner
K1 Line Rd
Rig Rd
Waa line
French Track
Dalhousie Springs
Mount Dare 674 KM Approx 4 Days Fuel and water Mt Dare

Bloods Track
Eringa Ruins
Mt Sarah
Oodnadatta 235 KM 1/2 Day Fuel

Mt Dutton
Peake creek Siding
Warina Ruins
Edward Creek ruins Fuel
William Creek 202 KM 1/2 day overnight and joy flight over lake eyre in morning

Coober pedy 190 KM 2 days Rest day Fuel

Lyndhurst 449 KM 1 Day Fuel

Strzlecki Track
Mount Hopeless
Dela Satellite Station
Innaminka 515 KM 1 day Fuel

Innaminka Rd
Nappa Merrie
Quilpie 556 KM 1 Day Fuel

To Home 987 KM 2 days

totals 5,428 KM 14 Days as estimated


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    [MENTION=5117]Indigo[/MENTION], I've not done the desert but have done the Birdsville track a few times. Might I suggest you have a overnight stay at Windorah. If you're going in June onwards, the caravans and general traffic will be aplenty, and as windorah to Birdsville is your first dirt section it's good to take your time on that one. Get into Birdsville nice and early too.
    Obviously if you've got strictly 14 days that won't be an option.
    Oops, just saw you're not going through Windorah[emoji15]

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    Simpson desert part Birdsville to Mt Dare is doable in 4 days; a bit restrictive as you are going to want to spend a few hours at Dalhousie Springs after the desert. Mt Dare to Wilson Creek in one day is doable too if you watch your time when you stop for any sightseeing.
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    Mikhailt wrote: »
    Simpson desert part Birdsville to Mt Dare is doable in 4 days; a bit restrictive as you are going to want to spend a few hours at Dalhousie Springs after the desert. Mt Dare to Wilson Creek in one day is doable too if you watch your time when you stop for any sightseeing.

    Thanks for the assistance
    That part around Dalhousie mt dare Williams creek coober pedy I am reasonably happy with as I did that area last year
    It is mainly the Simpson desert area and strzlecki track innaminka back to quilpie that I would like some assistance with
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    If you do the QAA and French the whole way and not towing expect fuel usage Birdsville to Mt Dare to be around 100-110L for the Auto and 75-85L for a manual, throw in an extra 20L just to be safe. Have done both directions and only a few litres difference between a few vehicles each time (actually only 300ml difference between 2 autos West to East the first trip)
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    Indigo, when are you planning on going?
  • IndigoIndigo Supporting Member
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    AndrewW wrote: »
    Indigo, when are you planning on going?

    Don't really know now a lot. Of things have changed in last few months and may be next year now will keep u posted when things clear up
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    We did the Simpson last year in October. That is too late, the temperature was over 40°C every day. Our vehicle is an auto trend line. At the time it still had the Bridgestone 245/65R17 HT on Aldo rims, and no suspension changes. The rocky bits heading into Dalhousie Springs was a worry, but the tyres survived. The other three vehicles were all running larger mud terrains than their originals. The BT50 and Hilux were lifted, the Defender 130 is already quite tall. We went west to east. From Mt Dare, to Dalhousie Springs, camped at Purni Bore. Turned off the French Line at Colsons Junction onto the Rig Road, then across the WAA line then down to Lone Gum for another camp. Think we may have gone across to Knolls Track, back up to the French line and camped at Poeppel Corner. Last day was the drive along the QAA line to Birdsville. Had no troubles climbing Big Red, but the 2 vehicles with trailers couldn't get them over as the sand was very soft and wind blown. We ended up driving for another few hours south to get around Big Red. This was again very rough and rocky, with the Rok touching the rocks too often. Our odometer showed 640 kilometres, and we used 97L of fuel. The other vehicles with larger tyres showed between 590 to 610kilometres. If you do the calculations, the difference is simply tyre diameter. They also used considerably more fuel, even the Defender without a trailer.
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    Update to this one. We bumped into [MENTION=5117]Indigo[/MENTION] at Fraser Island in February 2017. Didn't have a clue who he was, just that he had a Rok. Correction to that last couple of sentences. We just Rokked up beside him, and he offered us beer. Instant friends!

    Anyway, we are now planning the desert trip for August and September 2017. It includes a few days at Karumba to stock our refrigerators with barramundi, a trip across the Savannah Way then restock the refrigerators with whatever we catch in the northern freshwaters. Across to Barkly homestead for dinner, down to the Davenport Ranges the short way, and across to the Devils Marbles. Follow the Stuart to the Alice and out to the western McDonalds for a couple of days. Do the tourist things (King's Canyon, Ayers Rock, The Olgas) then down to Mt Dare. Hopefully have enough time to take more than 4 days across the Simpson, via Frenchmans Track, Colsons Track, WAA line, Lone Gum, Erabena Track, Rig Road, Knolls Track etc up to Poepels Corner. From there, across the Queensland side along the QAA line, tackle Big Red and on to Birdsville. At least one of us will be towing a camper trailer, so hopefully the auto Rok will bare it's wolf teeth and conquer Big Red with the camper. Birdsville pub has good tucker, a friendly atmosphere and happy locals. Great place to rinse off the dust (not for us in the camper, it has a hot shower). A short stop on the way home may include Betoota. When I went there in 1983, it still had a resident. The official Betoota town sign now shows the population as ZERO! True! You have to get a photo next to this! Actually it's quite emotional for me after seeing the place abuzz with a huge crowd in 1983, being picked up and thrown over the shoulder of a very happy local Aboriginal lady in the pub with less than standing room only. What a fantastic place to experience a true country race meeting.
    After this we all head for home, where ever that may be.
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    Sounds like a great [MENTION=7564]stu9[/MENTION]. Good luck and keep us posted. Yep [MENTION=5117]Indigo[/MENTION] is that sort of fella 😉

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