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Holy MackerelHoly Mackerel Member
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Have noticed that my average oil temp has jumped a few degrees higher since my last service.
Temp is now sitting around 101 to 104c and has been as high as 107c.
Previously the hottest I've ever seen it was around 101c on a stinken hot summers day after a long long run.

What average oil temps are you all seeing ?



  • TjaliWalpaTjaliWalpa Supporting Member
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    Oh dear! I've seen temps as high as 120-130 on hot days towing 2.4 tonne up hill.
  • ToeyToey Supporting Member
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    Mmm I saw 130 tonight. Constantly on 110-112 cruising on highway :/
  • Marshall8hpMarshall8hp Member
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    Isn't it funny how when you have a gauge, you worry about it, and when you don't, you don't!

    Many moons ago I was involved with looking after Range Rovers. Some here who are old enough may recall that in the 1970s they had an oil temp gauge, calibrated to 130 degrees, with 90 marked as normal running temperature. Well of course in Australia, oil runs hotter as the ambient temperature is hotter. JRA as it was then, had hundreds and hundreds of complaints etc from worried customers regarding the fact that their oil temperature was up well over 90, there must be something wrong.

    Landrover fixed the problem by fitting a new gauge, calibrated from Cold to Max, fitted a new sender unit, which effectively meant that the needle never left the Cold mark. No more complaints.
  • AutodasAutodas Senior Member
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    My Passat has a readout in the MFD and usually runs about 90 whether in Qld summer or Vic winter
  • ToeyToey Supporting Member
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    I'm not so fussed on the temp itself, I'll just have to find out what oil they have put in mine so I check what the drop point is for that particular oil
  • WingnutR32WingnutR32 Senior Member
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    Since brand new (yet to have first service), mine will average 98degrees. Only seen 116 degrees off road.
  • Holy MackerelHoly Mackerel Member
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    Cheers one and all, I was not concerned about the actual figure on the read out, it was more a thought/question as to why the average temp had jumped somewhat after its last service?
  • IfTheVolksIsARoknIfTheVolksIsARokn Senior Member
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    I got 128 today. 106 on uphill towing a camper trailer.

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