Southern Flinders Fun

MilnerMilner Senior Member
edited August 2015 in SA
Hi all,
Took two weeks off work and went for a drive in this time.
I live in the central west of NSW so we planned on going to Broken Hill, Quorn, Clare valley and then to Adelaide.We stayed in Quandong apartments in Quorn which was great, (Would of loved to stay in a camper or something but don't have one yet).
I planned on going 4wding on the first day we stayed but after 11mms of rain a solo trip was a bit risky. So the following day i got the keys to Arden Hills, which is in the warren gorge about 20k's from Quorn. I got the keys from the info centre in town and travelled out, a little nervous if anything as the lady behind the desk had been telling me that people have got into trouble in spots and in a 1 ute convoy i was a bit concerned about getting stuck. Anyway, along my girlfriend and i went opened the gate and we were into it. It was a great day sunny clear and calm. The track was awesome. It was mainly rocky with no mud even though we had 11mms the night before. The track was 80% easy going for a un modded ute that has a very low front end. The other 20% was a little bit technical. All the track is low range work but there was a couple of spots where that trusty diff lock came into play. The first little tough bit was a rock ledge that was a pretty decent step with no easy option. Diff lock in and line picked crawled straight up it. There was some quite steep declines where the downhill assist worked a treat. The track was great AWESOME and was the best part of the holiday. the track is a 21km drive and took about 3.5hrs with a cuppa and some photos along the way. there is fantastic views. The access cost $45 but was totally worth it.


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