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Welcome to our newest forum sponsor, Eco Technik.

Long time forum member, [MENTION=183]LeonFNQ[/MENTION] has joined forces with RD Technik to bring FNQ some solid tuning options.

Good luck with the new business mate.


  • LeonFNQLeonFNQ Vendor
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    Thanks Ash. Within the last 6 months I've became a Authorized Dealer for the RD Technik products.

    It's well known on here that I had my Amarok tuned by a while known company (X) previously. I thought that the X tune was the ducks nuts at the time. A few months back I scrapped the X stuff and got a Stage 2 RD Technik remap done with a very impressive file from our Winols guys in Europe.

    Just when I thought that the Amarok couldn't get any better, I done a flash tune for the transmission load limiters and unlocked some more torque from the low and mid range. Keeping in mind my Amarok is a manual.

    After doing some laps on the Dyno we managed the get some great figures compared to the X tune just with the remap and transmission tune. I have the RD Technik 3" stainless steel exhaust on its way up for my Amarok. Once that's fitted it's back to the Dyno to live tune the Amarok for the best results.

    If you can in the Cairns region and what to get your vehicle tuned right the first time give me a call on 0419325683 or send me a PM.

    Will have more results of the automatic Amarok within the next week or two as well.

    Couldn't be more happier with the economy.

    Red line Stock file stock file
    Purple line Previous tuners file
    Blue line Stage 2 RD Technik Winols file.ed37d8af63e0337f477eac9b06fa8e3d.jpgd226a04d487844f8e84f8ff3bf333470.jpg

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  • Sparky13Sparky13 Supporting Member
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    Congrats Kyle

    Happy to let you lose on mine and can't wait to see the results. Hopefully like the above tables :D
  • LeonFNQLeonFNQ Vendor
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    Thanks for giving me the chance to tune your Amarok. I'm 100% confident that the Winols guys will deliver a great file for your Amarok.
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