some of the tradies might be interested in this work?

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This little ship "the Taipan" (the name should give you a clue!) is in drydock together with Skandi Protector.

The Taipan is one of the many 'gambling' ships operating out of Singapore and Malaysia - they go around and around in circles just outside the territorial limits so the highrollers can do what they do best, and not break the law.

This one, when its ready to go, will be totally refurbished inside (every 2 years they rip it out and re do it), and carries the usual launches and jet skis - and a 4 passenger submersible. It can carry about 30, but usually is fully booked out for private groups of 10. The casino is remarkable - but no photos!

I was talking to one of the ship managers and he said that a week before they drydocked a 'wealthy' Chinese businessman brought ten of his 'friends' onboard for a week, lost US$4.5 million on the table, and walked off with a smile on his face saying that he'd had a great time!

I'm in the wrong job - although the security staff didn't look over friendly!

This is the company that does the interior rebuilds - I met a bunch of them the other night in a bar here. All Irishmen, but obviously extremely high-level 'tradies'. They fly around the world, continuously, jumping on all the big name passenger ships and rebuilding public rooms, casinos and shopping centres. They were last on the 'Oasis of the Seas' (biggest and newest passenger ship in the world (?) because the owner didn't like the shopping 'street' - so they built a new one.
They never re use old material, only work with brand new stuff, and have the game sewn up, and are always looking for staff (!) - they even offered me a days work sanding !
Have a look at their website!


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