The Mighty Brindies....

Scorp69Scorp69 Supporting Member
edited October 2013 in ACT
Just got back from a really cool father-son long-weekend away to the Brindies (mainly around the 'Blue Waterholes' area of the Brindabella's south-west of Canberra) with my dear dad. Whilst we didn't have a lot of luck catching big trout, we did have an awesome weekend exploring the region and the Rok performed flawlessly with some decent river crossings and fair few muddy stretches to negotiate. It was pretty freakin cold up there, so glad to be back to the creature comforts!...Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend too....:)...And, it sure did lose it's 'show pony' virginity!...;)
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  • Ryan7Ryan7 Senior Member
    edited October 2013
    Nice one Scorp, did you get any trout to start the new season?
  • Scorp69Scorp69 Supporting Member
    edited October 2013
    Just some small fry Ryan...which we obviously returned. Saw some big ones but they weren't interested in any flies or lures!...Another guy hooked a big rainbow on a brown nymph but unfortunately lost it. The fishing inspectors said hardly anyone was catching anything - so that made us feel a bit better!...;)
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