Genuine parts: Air/Fuel sensor 4.9 --- Please read.

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Attached are some pictures of where this sensor is located and what it looks like.

Their expected life as a genuine part is ~160,000 km, with a bell shaped curve either side.
Some go early, some late, but they do go.
They affect the fueling on the Amarok under loads over ~40%.
They will throw your vehicle into limp mode if completely failed.

Contamination by fluids (water and oil etc) will reduce their life.

VW RRP: Over $250
Online price: $check link

When purchasing through the link below, enter an offer with message "Ausamarok" to receive the discounted price -$5.


I recommend this part be carried as a spare when transversing long distances like in convoys etc.
Also the EGT sensors in the exhaust are common to fail. (Looking to stock online soon)

afr sensor.jpg

bosch 1.JPG

bosch 2.jpg

bosch 3.jpg


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    I got this question by PM:

    "Hi Chris,

    Might be a dumb question, but how would a person know when one of these has died and needs replacing.?


    These will throw a code if failed (Check engine light). When they fail, usually they read LEAN (Engine management adds fuel). Which is not a good thing, usually what happens is you start to notice smoke under heavy acceleration, this in turn will trigger the EGT sensor to throw a check code in reference to the AFR.

    When they are on the way out, you notice more fuel use under load, usually say when towing or heavy acceleration puffs of smoke. This is not good for your particle filter or your engine piston crown temps.

    When they are on their way, they may trigger a code too, as when engine rpm changes/load changes but AFR remains steady in 1 spot (Becoming lazy to read accurately). The ecu is usually pretty quick to pick up on a faulty AFR sensor but it may ruin your trip if you can't get 1 easy. I offer overnight service to major cities.
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    After reading your analysis of a stuffed sensor, I'm convinced mine has already thrown the towel over the past eighteen months when my fuel consumption started averaging 12.5 lph. lol
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    I've got 2nd hand ones with low mileage too if you want to just "test" if thats the issue.
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    I might hit you up on a couple for my spare parts kit soon. I have had 2 x replaced at 18,000. There are 3 in the system, 2 before the DPF and 1 after. When they go, it seems like a process of elimination between the 3. The 3rd one behind the DPF looks like a PITA to access, the others are OK. VW replaced the 1st one on mine, then replaced a second because the fault was still there. FYI, I have changed 2 in my old Jeep myself in the past. They are a 'ware' item on all vehicles fitted with them.

    Here is a thread about a few Rok owner's experiences. I found the glow plug light flashed and catalytic converter light stayed on.
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    Cool thanks for the info, from memory you're talking about the EGT probes.
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    Another but same [MENTION=7540]jack396[/MENTION]

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    Another but same [MENTION=7540]jack396[/MENTION]

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    Thanks mate!

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