aux input into RCD310

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Hi mate,

Ive gotta question about a aux input for a RCD 310.

I have fitted the 9w7 bluetooth kit and that is paired to my iphone 4 nicely,
Ican recieve calls, play music over bluetooth etc. But the thing is I can only have one device paired at a time' so if I want to play music say off my mates phone i have to unpair my phone and pair my mates.

So what i want is just a simple lead running into the rear of the stereo that connects to the L,R, and ground aux inputs and have a 3.5mm headphone jack on the end to plug into the ipod or other device.

Thing is, i can definately buy this lead from ebay with the quad lock connector and 3.5 on the other end, but i can make no configutation on the RCD310 to switch it to AUX mode.

I know there is a MDI kit available, but i am not keen on spending 2 to 300 bucks on this simple function.

Is there some thing i need to code in the CAN BUS to trick it into thinking it has this MDI kit inatalled so the RCD310 allows AUX in its menu system??

Any info you could share would be great, oh and its a newer style RCD310 (black and white screen).

Cheers mate


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    Any chance you can tell me how you connected the mobile kit? I have a bury unit to fit but can't figure it out.

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