$3000 for rear wheel bearing..

Hi all.

Just re found this forum. Somehow missed the new location.

Was searching for info on rear bearing for my '11 Rok.

I get a droning starting about 90kph and quite loud by 110kph.

Been told by mechanic that its the rear wheel bearing. They can't get one from any of their suppliers and if they could they wouldn't fit it. V W only sells the bearing complete with axle for $3000 +fitting. I have found the bearings only on ebay.

Anyone else been down this path?


  • Alan WAAlan WA Junior Member

    Looks like no one here has been down this path..

    I ended up buying a bearing repair kit from ebay.

    My mechanic fitted it and his comment was that he couldn't see why VW won't sell or replace the bearing only. Said it was no worse than what most other utes are doing now a days.

    Total cost less than $500.

    Thought I'd post the outcome for anyone doing a search here in the future on this subject.

  • ozcaddyozcaddy Supporting Member

    #alanw , A link to the site that sold you the bearings may prove useful


  • Alan WAAlan WA Junior Member

    I just searched Amarok rear wheel bearing on eBay.

    I went with autoplusparts. There were a few to chose from.

    Happy with their service.

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