Amarok service recommendations Sydney (George river area)?

hi there,

Currently i am happily servcing my old Discovery 3 at an independent repairer, that is also an expert on Land Rover cars.

They provide fair pricing, and whenever possible they will offer second-hand OEM parts from wrecked cars, they have all the right contacts for Land Rover parts. Can't get luckier: they are based in Peakhurst, 10mins drive from my place (Mortdale).

Now that i am considering getting an Amarok, i hope i could find such a place nearby that knows about Amarok ins & out.

I've seen in another post that VW Village was recommended, but that's in Kensington, pretty far away. Plus i don't know if they will offer second-hand parts, nor how experienced they are dealing with 4WDs.

Any suggestion?

cheers, Nicolas


  • ozcaddyozcaddy Supporting Member

    Hi Nicool the difficulty you may find is that there are no huge amounts of Amaroks being wrecked so that may put a damper on some of your plans

    Is it a new Amarok or pre=loved ?

    Any good licensed mechanic can fix so long as the have some VW experience


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