Silicon Intake Hose???

Hey All,

Got this link the other day. I’m aware of the benefits of silicon hoses AFTER a turbo as they don’t expand as much under pressure when compared to rubber.

But I’m a little apprehensive about this product which is on the suction side between air box and turbo...

Has anyone installed one? Is it noticeable?? If not, what is everyone’s opinion???




  • ozcaddyozcaddy Supporting Member

    I think it was crispmods on here selling them , apparently the hose between filter and intake can collapse under heavy use , silicone one overcomes the problem

    Use the search button on here and I am sure you will find the info


  • doinitsidewaysdoinitsideways Junior Member

    I’ve read a lot of posts and seen advertisements for the intake hose on the 4 banger models... I’m trying to get some feedback on the V6... I’ll try to search again...

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