12v socket in tray with OEM Tub Liner

Hi guys first post here but I have read a few things that have helped me out when my useless dealership couldn't. Many of my issues are finally rectified but one is still nagging on me, I have a 2018 V6 Highline and the lid on the 12v socket sits inside the liner making it very hard to lift the lid up and use. I thought that there was supposed to be some sort of spacer to bring it out level with the liner that was forgotten about during pre delivery, just like they forgot to program the trailer module, wire up the trailer plug socket correctly and do the conduit glands up on the harness. After bringing it up with my maintenance department at the local dealer they agreed with me that they is probably something missing there but no they have since replied saying that's how they all are, can anybody shine some light on this?


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