New to Amarok near Byron Bay, looking for off-road accessory advice!

Hi, have just bought a Amarok HiLine and seeking advise re better off road wheels and tyres, 50mm lift, suspension upgrade, snorkel and tub upgrade tp tray and canopy. Any experience and suggestions welcome. Iain


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    I’m still running highline 18’s and on the purely scorpions it came with.

    i have prepared for new wheels and rubber by installing a 35mm net4x4 lift with h&r springs over bilstein shocks as well as CalOffRoad upper control arms. I needed heavy duty springs for the front to counter the arb summit bar and warn winch. The rear I just used a spacer and changed to bilstein shocks.

    check with others, anything more than 40mm in lift can cause clicking in the CV joints... I’ve had zero issues with 35mm.

    snorkelt comes down to $$ and preference... I’ve always run Safari and love them... wish I had seen there Armax model though before I went with the standard one... bigger, more airflow.

    i only run a style side with soft tonneau, can’t help with the canopy.

  • Thanks for the info. Been to several 4WD retailers today and am awaiting prices etc.

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    The suspension is easily completed yourself if you wanted to go down that path and have some tools and a little know-how. I believe most of the kits available all have pretty good install instructions. I did however get a suspension shop to disassemble and reassemble the new springs and struts as the top boot is reused. You have however buy a kit already assembled with new top boot. I also completed the new upper control arms myself and installed the catch can setup with good instructions again.

    air on board do a lot of custom switches which fit well into the gear stick console area for that factory look.

    Good luck.

  • What about wheels and tyres? Have 18” alloys fitted as standard. Are 18” AT tyres available easily out west?

  • doinitsidewaysdoinitsideways Junior Member

    17’s are more common with a better range of sizes and brands... I’m sticking with 18’s tho.

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