In the process of buying a 2014 Highline with 260k on the clock. Bad idea?

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Hey Guys,

I went and checked out a 2014 Highline 2.0L TDI400 4x4 yesterday, private sale. Test drove it and it drives really well. Also took it for an inspection and it comes up good. The owner has been working up north, so most of the kms are highway driving.

The guy seems pretty genuine for what it's worth. He's replaced the timing belt and water pump not too long ago. Full service logs. New tires.

The bodywork isn't too bad, but I'd like to do a bit of mild off-roading with it anyway, so not too fussed. He's agreed to $13,500.

Are these kms too high? Or could I expect to get some more years out of it? Anyone else clocked up this many kms? Feeling a bit unsure, but I guess it's the risk you take.

This will be my first ute, so appreciate the advice.



  • ozcaddyozcaddy Supporting Member

    Timing belt should have been replaced at 210,000kms , get an independent inspection would be my advice

    And push a bit harder on the price


  • Thanks OZcaddy, yeah the timing belt was done recently. The rest of the service history looks good.

    Took it in for an inspection on Friday and it came out fine.

    No major issues. Don't think I can get the price down any more. I'll be most likely pulling the trigger on Monday.

  • My 2012 highland is on 360000 and flying. I replaced my first timing belt at 275000 and it was in good shape. At 240000 you should have a long way to go. A couple of accessories can be a bit prone to giving it up. Fuel pump is one that went on mine. The occasionsal little electrical widget maybe but the engine as a whole should be strong. For 13500 I would do it in a heartbeat.

  • Cheers for the info Dean, that's great news. I guess there's not too many with long mileage yet, so it's awesome to hear that they're holding up well.

    I ended up buying it early this week and I couldn't be happier. Looking forward to making a few mods here and there and getting that damaged bumper switched out, maybe a Rhino Evo, but not sure about how strong they are.

    Everything else is all good. Long live the Rok. Fingers crossed for many more Ks!

  • Just check on the egr cooler. If it hasn’t cracked yet, it will. It was my biggest downfall . I didn’t react to the signs quickly enough and did a head gasket. My fault. Had it fixed, new radiator and egr bypassed and its going perfectly. That was 100000 ago. There will be some little glitches now an then. I had a auxiliary water pump have a little short circuit that there it into limp mode for a while. Second hand pump from wreckers and good to go again. Mine is clocking 1000 / week and couldn’t be better.

  • Thanks Dean. Luckily he had the water cooler replaced not long ago, so I'm hoping there's no issues with that for a while. But I am worried about the EGR. What signs should I look out for, loss of coolant? I don't even know where to find it in order to look for a crack to be honest.

    I've considered the EGR delete, but is it allowed? Or is it a grey area?

  • The egr cooler will crack eventually . They all seem to let go. I was just losing coolant . Tiny amounts and needed to top up every few months, then every other month, then every month, then every few weeks, and then bang, every few kilometres until the tow truck came. In hindsight I should have jumped in it straight away. It cost me $1200 for a tuner to block the exhaust inlet off, reroute the coolant lines and tune the egr out. That included a mild performance tune. I have an engine light that came on and never goes away but I learnt to live with it. I should have done it originally when it was new, but now that problem will never come back, and my inlet manifold will stay a lot cleaner. The egr cooler is the silver box on the left hand side as you look in the engine bay. It will have exhaust and coolant lines coming into it.

  • Yeah, it's sounds like it's a good idea. I'll look into it. Less options here in Hobart, but I'll ask around. Thanks again Dean, really appreciate it.

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