!!! Access to full canbus protocol SRS/ ABS !!! VW Amarok 2012

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I recently had to take my steering wheel off to fix a faulty ignition switch. Since I have the alarm light for the airbag up because I disconnected the airbag and tried ignition switch without airbag attached.

I am now on the hunt how to reset this fault code. I have tried multiple scanner tools (cheap once mainly) that claimed to be able to reset SRS and ABS faults. With no luck.!!

Now I went onto a spending spree and bought the highly rated BlueDriver unit (130AUD). Looked very promising. However received the unit yesterday and again no luck. Reads the engine info but nothing else.

This time however I was able to have the advise of the BlueDriver service team(they seem spot on and fast with replying). They let me know that VW only in Australia locks the CanBus system in the SRS and ABS functions???

So now I wonder how it is ok for VW to not provide access to the safety instrumentations of my vehicle? Should we not be able to check what is going on with our cars at any time. + I have no trust in the VW service to do the right thing at most the time.

So my question to you is:

How did you get around this locked system?

Is there a way to reset airbag fault light without going to a dealer?

Hope somebody has gone through this before and can shorten my journey.



  • doinitsidewaysdoinitsideways Junior Member

    I would take a look at OBDEleven possibly... check their forum and ask. There platform is designed for writing to the computer for modifications.

    However I wonder what you want to check on in the ABS system? I think if this is locked out, it’s probably because it is a life saving device that you probably have no knowledge on how to program and they don’t want anyone accidentally changing it.

    Have you called your local VW dealer to ask them to check and reset the light?


  • Hello JB - I do not have an answer for you in regard to your issue, however, I am surprised that you were able to purchase the BlueDriver. Recently, I attempted to purchase such a unit for my 2013 Highline, only to be advised by BlueDriver Support (in the USA), that their products are not suitable for Amaroks shipped to Australia.

    Secondly, I would not recommend OBDeleven as a solution. My experience is that their Tech Support is useless. They take a long time to respond and do not address any questions. Their answers are vague and they lead you around in circles. Unless you have access to a RossTech VAG diagnostic reader, take it to a dealer to get it reset.


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