Where to get serviced

Hi. I have just purchased a 2 year old V6 Amarok and live in Newcastle, NSW. Do Members recommend getting their vehicles serviced and repaired at VW Dealerships or are other European mechanics just as good? Does anyone have recommendations for the Newcastle area.. Thanks. David


  • For me... ME...with my 2018 v6

    i prefer to stick with the stealership I purchased from at least until my warranty is done... just in case something major goes wrong...

  • Warranty is unaffected as long as service is carried out by a licenced workshop.

    In Newcastle area, you can't do better than Dan Burns at Diamond Mechanical and Auto Electrical, East Maitland.


  • ForbieForbie Senior Member

    Steve Thoms Automotive Service In Adamstown gets a lot of Amaroks that are “too hard to fix” at the VW dealership. Long running family business that’s fair to its customers.

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