Net4x4- Not operating anymore? - No contact after transferring money for order

Have Called - no response, emailed and sent an SMS, before i contact my bank does anyone have any information regarding this business?


  • 4paw4paw Junior Member

    Hi Devilfish303

    I've had dealing's with Mark around 12 months ago,

    I found him a honest nice guy, he does great work & sells top products but unfortunately is pretty slack getting back to people (this has been well documented in the past)

    My only suggestion would be try contacting him via spacebook if you haven't tried already


  • Negative, wont be using facebook, deleted my account years ago.

    Monies paid, Goods havent arrived, no communication - id say thats worse than slack.

  • kippiekippie Junior Member

    If you paid by Paypal you could launch a dispute.

  • Net4x4Net4x4 Vendor
    edited September 2019

    Ok, I haven’t been on Ausamarok for quite a while so someone just sent this through to me. Without a name I won’t know who’s order to look into so I have shot you through a pm, please respond & let me know who you are so I can look into your order. I currently have 6 guys waiting on gear that is being made currently so I assuming you are one of those.



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