Towing a single axel 2.2.tonne van

Hi Learned ones. I am considering an Amarok as a replacement to my old Pajero (she doesn't like the hills anymore☹️) So is the V6 the way to go, and do they have the towing capacity for the hills. I have read that they are OK at 80 KMH but no more, and they don't like you to have WDH. Thank you for your knowledge. Cheers Odo


  • Mate v6 best tow car I’ve owned. I tow a 2.5t boat with mine and does it easy. More than enough power, just came bk from trip Perth to Exmouth 1250kms one way ,we drive straight thru only stopping for fuel sit on 100-110 the whole way no problems. Hills are not a problem the 8speed auto is great even overtaking road trains make easy work with the overboost function. Used to tow with a prado 150 and the Amarok is no comparison.

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