Recovery points and nudge bar...

Hi all, new to the forum and hoping to get some advice.

I have a 2011 Ultimate with a Tuff nudge bar fitted. I have bought a set of Roadsafe recovery points and was trying to fit them yesterday. Driver's side, no problem. Passenger side, big problem. It is a much larger plate and overlaps the mounting plate for the nudge bar. The mounting bolts for the nudge bar plate are inside the chassis tube and when I put a spanner on the nut, the bolt also rotates. They are already a bit loose which explains the slight bit of rock and roll that the bar gets up to. Does anybody else have one of these bars fitted, and how does one access the bolt heads? I will also need to trim the bumper so that it fits back over the recovery points.

I will post some photos when I get time, thanks in advance for any advice.

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