Fender Flares

AWRokAWRok Junior Member

Hi brains trust,

Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for some fender flares. Trying to be pro-active before cops pull me up.

There's currently three...maybe four options I'm considering:

1) approx $900 Bushwacka set - but not sure I want to spend this much

2) approx $550 Kut Snake set...but after a bit of reading seems like people not too keen on Kut Snake people haha - perk of going with these is there a warehouse near me selling them so I'd be able to see what they look like before purchasing (unlike if I got an online set)

3) no brand $200 set - look about right but probably made of a cheaper ABS and wont last as long (happy to be proved wrong!)

....4) not sure if this is possible but - removing a set from a Highline at a wreckers and using some sikka flex to sick them onto my Core...any idea if A) fenders are removable from the Highline and B) if they'd fit onto a Core.

Cheers in advance!


  • doinitsidewaysdoinitsideways Junior Member

    I had some repairs done recently to my Highline and the repairer quoted me to respray a patch to the tub.

    the price was massive because the factory flares are glued on and you fuck them getting them off...


  • IainMIainM Junior Member

    Had the same experience after a minor bingle. Panel beater said they would not be able to remove the flares without destroying them as they are glued on.


  • MctwodrinksMctwodrinks Junior Member

    Im pretty sure Bushwacka did a video on installing these a while back, maybe have a watch of that to give you an idea ?

  • AWRokAWRok Junior Member

    So after much mulling I decided the bushwacka look wasnt going to suit the syle of the car or its colour so I ended up going with some Bushranger flexy flares from ARB - $180 to cover all four tyres plus $120 worth of stainless steel nutserts and screws.

    I know flexy flares cop a bit of flack but I think they've come off looking pretty damn good - still cant upload photos to a thread so check my DP image if you're interested in end result.

  • Looks good mate.

    what rubber/offset r u running ?

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