Diesel leaking above fuel filter

Hi all,

I just noticed today my Amarok is leaking Diesel above the fuel filter . Has anyone else had this issue? Could it be anything related to the recall back in 2013?

Thanks Richard


  • Follow the fuel lines forward from the filter up toward the engine.

    About 20-30cm from the filter, a metal connector for an adjacent hose might be rubbing on your rubber fuel lines.

    I wrapped my rubber hoses at the rub point with a couple of HD panduit straps.

    Am trying to post pics, but I've either had a memory dump and cannot for the life of me remember how. Or the forum isn't as intuitive as it used to be.



  • I noticed the same problem as Richard experienced and found that one of the hose spring clips had actually broken, leaving about 80% of the clip circumference intact and giving the impression from below that all was okay. After a battle I managed to get the remainder of the clip off and replace with a worm drive type as a temporary fix. I believe that the reason the clip failed was from corrosion, due to the airhandler drain being situated almost right above the fuel filter assembly. If you look down from the passenger side with the engine running and AC on you can see the water dripping down towards the filter, factor in a bit of vehicle movement and the water would easily be hitting the fuel line connectors. All my hose connector clips, bar one in that area are an offwhite colour, rest are black. Having only had the car for a few weeks I am unsure if these have been changed for an inferior type. Will be hunting around for some stainless steel replacements to avoid a repeat of this problem.

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