Diff drop post facelift v6

Anybody running a diff drop in post facelift v6 , I got 2019 and all my research tells me none available yet for my model ? I hear road safe will fit but expect driveline vibrations? Not what I wanted to hear , any solutions or recommendations?

Cheers fellas


  • ive got the scfabworks one fitted to my 2018 v6. occasionally notice a small vibration if you pay attention but very small. everything fits perfectly but is just an absolute pain to install apparently, i even spoke to roadside w while ago and they said that their kit does fit the v6 models it just can cause a vibration. its not really a noise thing more of a feeling on the pedal. must be because the front diff is sitting further away from the engine to has room to move not sure. definitely worth doing if you want to get a bit more lift for the old amaroks as ground clearance is the main thing its lacking

    all diff drops are the exactly alike design so any will work

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