which is better? plastic tub liner or spray protective coating in bed liner

Hi..just want your thoughts..plan to buy plastic tub line for my amarok for prevention of scratch and dent in the bed liner but i'm having second thought when i read in the internet that the plastic tubliner will vibrate and can rub the paint from your ute and the static electricity issues, which some recommend a spray of coating in the bed liner of my ute.I'm not a tradie i used my amarok going work and some weekend buy some stuff at bunnings..in this case,what do you reckon..?


  • ozcaddyozcaddy Supporting Member

    The plastic tub liner will vibrate and moved and wear through the paint in tub , spray on liner will do a better job


  • I went with a bedrug as I dont intend on anything much other than camping stuff and a few tools going in the tub.


  • doinitsidewaysdoinitsideways Junior Member

    I had a plastic liner in my SR5 Hilux before the rok... rubbing away paint everywhere!!!

    ill spray mine after a couple of years... just left it as is painted for now.

  • Maverickx3Maverickx3 Junior Member

    Ive got a bedrug. Nothing slides around and you can put what you want in it and just hose it out. Plastic tub liners are slippery and do rub the paint underneath.


    I got a spray on liner and it's the best thing I ever did. I cart a load of cr*p to the tip (about 150 green waste lots alone to date and plenty more coming) and it's as tough as nails.

    I've used rakes, spades and shovels on it and a good high pressure hose down on a declining surface, let dry and good as new.

    IMHO, I was always worried that the space between a liner and tub would be a water (therefore rust) trap and I have no doubt that a liner vs spray on would never have afforded the same tough experience and ease of cleaning.

  • wrxterwrxter Junior Member

    Spray in is the only way to go regardless of being twice the cost!

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