DPF Removal - PPDperformance in Perth - Don't do it!

I bit the bullet and had the DPF removed on my high mileage 2011 Rock. The System I had fitted was a PPD Stainless system. These guys are based in Perth, but they ship Australia Wide via EBay and Gumtree as well as their website https://ppdperformance.com.au

The good news

Performance is definitely up. It seems to fly up hills with the boat or 3 tonne wood trailer hooked up

It pulls really strong up top compared to what it used to, but oddly enough I need to do this less now due to the increased performance down low

My old exhaust was rusted badly from so many trips to the boat ramp. The only rust on the car was the exhaust and the wheel nuts. A new shiny stainless exhaust looks much better.

The noise is really loud. Some people might do this swap simply for the noise. It's a great sound... like an old GQ 4.2 turbo with a straight through pipe and is still quiet in the cabin on the highway

The Bad news:

The noise is really loud... if you live in a quiet suburb or are a shift worker and you want to sneak in or out quietly in the early hours, this exhaust is not for you.

Fuel economy is slightly worse when the vehicle is unladen, but slightly better when towing or working hard in the hills. This would be good or bad news depending on where you usually use your Amarok. I do a lot of unladen HWY driving and for me it is slightly worse.

The mid dump ending isn't long enough and I get a lot of exhaust fumes staying with the car at idle which means I can't have the windows down or the A/C fan on at the traffic lights... It is absolutely horrendous and I am going need to get a rear exit pipe fitted to see if that helps. At present I have to take the wifes car to the city so this has become a highway only vehicle until I can get this sorted. The MANTA system from another manufacturer has the rear exit pipe but was much more expensive. In the End, I guess you get what you pay for.

And yes I contacted PPD, but they weren't interested and said other people haven't had a problem. End of discussion.... pretty crap customer service!

Summing Up

If I had been able to speak to someone before who had fitted a PPD, I might have found out about the drawbacks, particularly the design of the mid dump. I would not recommend this system to anyone other than a racer looking for a purely off road cheap replacement exhaust.


  • Following up on this. It turns out it wasn't the location of the pipe exit that was causing the problem. It was a botched up installation! For some reason there was a gap between the DPF delete pipe and the start of the exhaust pipe... so what do the clowns at PPD do? They squeeze a piece of pipe in between and just put a couple of cheap clamps on hoping it will hold together despite the fact that its not lining up properly at all!

    After 7 weeks and me sending in photos they eventually agreed to fix it.

    Here's where it gets worse... they wouldn’t (or couldn’t) properly fix their crappy workmanship. My Amarok has now spent a total of 16 hours in their workshop and the best they have been able to manage is a reduced but still noticeable exhaust leak.

    The $1800 I've wasted at PPD now makes the $2500 MANTA system look like an absolute bargain.

  • That’s suck mate. But cheers for the heads up , have been looking at these guys for a while and will definitely be staying away. Hope this gets resolved for you it’s a real shame spending your hard earned for poor products and service like that

  • kippiekippie Junior Member

    Better put the dpf back in. The EPA are starting to crack down on it.


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