Are you concerned ? Faulty Acc (serpentine) V-belt survey

Please help with suggestions if title or category isn't proper one

I am trying to do an average of all discussions below (and maybe lots of other ones you are welcome to add) and come up with the maximum of names in one subject sprade amongst diverse issue when in fact all related:

-Accessories belt fails and causes catastrophic engine failure 

-Fanbelt spagetti

-Serpentine Belt Tensioner

-Belt Failure

-2 engines under 150k Klms 8 teeth jumped ( robust kit recommended) 

-timing case cover 

-Robust Kit 

-Changing Drive Belt 

-Lack of power 

-A/C Compressor Drive

-Timing cover, superseeded part

-Squeaky fan belt / pulley 

-Robust pulley vendors? HELP! 


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