Hi from Barossa

Hello all, from a soon to be Amarok V6 Core owner, I'm excited but nervous as well .... Hoping I'll be a very satisfied owner with many trouble free miles. This seems to be the place to share and learn... So, thank you for having me.


  • doinitsidewaysdoinitsideways Junior Member

    Good luck.

    im sure you will love it and wonder how you ever survived without a V6... 😜

  • There is this small word 'afford' that comes to mind. This demo vehicle was damaged while reversing on a stubby pole by a prospective client on a test drive. The repair includes respraying left rear and rear door plus wheel acrc trim by the dealer Long story short is I'm getting the vehicle for 42k which includes the side steps free of charge. (Few scrape marks on Chrome)

    I have resisted to add any extras to keep my instalment down... Tint only. Think it's a good deal for a v6

  • doinitsidewaysdoinitsideways Junior Member

    I barely had change from 70k...

    eofy 2018 v6 highiline

    Metallic paint, rubber mats, soft tonneau, window tint, arb bull bar, warn winch, safari snorkel, v6 towbar kit...

    since then I’ve added,

    75ldual zone fridge on slide, projects dcdc battery charger, 140ah agm battery, 100w solar panel on mounts to alloy (roll bar for lack of a better word), 35mm net4x4 Bilstein Lift kit, net4x4 oil catch can...

    next to come is caloffroad upper control arms, cooper at3lt 265/75/18 with a +30 offset wheel...

    currently researching a 40mm body lift with a second stage manufacturer for a legal options in qld.



  • All I wanted was that V6 engine Josh! Would have taken it in a beetle chassy!😁 The new core is definitely good value for money

  • doinitsidewaysdoinitsideways Junior Member

    I wanted a V8, but the 79 series cruiser didn’t tick enough boxes in the creature comfort menu...

    And the 200 series is more than I’m willing to spend on a depreciating asset.

    for me the Amarok was a great balance of power, comfort, finish and price.

    but yes, the core is great bang for buck and a clean slate to mod from...

    if/when your ready to start modding, I highly recommend mark from Net4x4. He will let you pay it off like a lay by too.. (useful for me to keep the $$ hidden from the missus)...haha

  • Thanks for that, I’m really green when it comes to mods so will be doing my homework this year.

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