Flexiglass Canopy Cracking

CleaverCleaver Junior Member

Hi Everyone, This one comes form the Aus Amarok facebook page. I have a MY2012 bought in 2013 and fitted a couple of weeks later with a matching Flexiglass sport canopy. the canopy has rails on top, but no racks and the car has briefly seen a couple of dirt roads, but has never been what anyone would consider offroad. Recently cracks have been noticed running almost the length of the canopy on both sides between the windows and tub. I notified flexiglass who gave a standard reply of their 2 year warranty and that I could get a 25% discount on repairs. I've asked for a repair quote but didn't receive a reply. I had expected this item to last the working life of the vehicle, was this unrealistic? and has anyone else had a canopy repaired? I have photos but I'm not sure how to post them.


  • vinhvinh Junior Member

    i have the same canopy fitted late last year and have been off road several times and have not seen any cracks in the area you described. Are these hairline cracks or something more obvious?

    Why are they not repairing this under warranty?

  • CleaverCleaver Junior Member

    More than a hairline. The warranty is only 2 years and its 6 years old. Its stands out more as its black gloss.

  • vinhvinh Junior Member

    Sorry to hear mate, but I'd be disappointed too if it had cracks after 6 years. Depending on the quote and weighing up your options,you may have to cut your losses unfortunately. It's definitely got me worried bout mine.

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