Annoying randomness in volume.

Anyone had an issue with the volume on the radio varying randomly? Cruising along and the volume will drop a few notches and sometimes down to zero. Intermittent. Weird. Annoying. Cheers Ü


  • I had this issue when I had a CD in the drive - was a CD with various MP3s

    Removed the CD and never had the issue again.

    Very weird.

    Steering wheel controls worked fine but the using the vol control on the head unit would jump the volume up and down and sometimes off.

  • UberRokUberRok Supporting Member

    So, just went to Lake Eyre and back, about 4200 K’s with maybe 1200 on dirt and didn’t seem to have a problem. Weird.

  • JackoJacko Junior Member

    I've had this issue on and off for a few years.. No idea what's caused it.

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