Seized Camber Bolts?

I took the Amarok in for a wheel alignment today & they couldn’t do it because the lower control arm camber bolts are badly seized.

Has anybody got any clues on how to free them up? Thanks


  • kippiekippie Junior Member

    Haven't had such a problem, but maybe this helps

  • Thanks,doesn’t look like fun, an acquaintance of mine lost an eye by hitting 2 hammers together, so I might give that part a miss!

  • doinitsidewaysdoinitsideways Junior Member

    get a can of WD40 or INOX and soak in and all around it religiously every day for a week or so and give it another go. Hopefully the Knox and vibrations from driving will break the rusted hold.

    failing that, heat the fucker up with a blowtorch or oxy, making sure to focus the heat on the bolt head or but only... The bolt will he fucked afterwards when heating though. And most likely any bushes etc in contact with it will need to be replaced...

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