Considering 2014 tdi420 trendline for towing horses

Hi all,

Hoping some of you can help me decide on whether to buy an Amarok tdi420 Trendline (2014 model)? It's going to be my only vehicle and as such will do regular driving but also needs to tow my horse float (fully loaded would come in at around 2-2.5 tonnes). My real worry is a mountain range, very steep ascent/descent which I sometimes go up to visit friends with horses. I haven't been courageous enough to do this in my 2010 Hilux except with an empty float as it doesn't seem to have the grunt to cope, but maybe I'm just chicken. Also I'm on a seriously lean budget so it has to be value for money and last a really long time.

Has anyone had experience with this Amarok or another 4cyl twin turbo auto similar to it that can advise about how it copes with the fully loaded towing aspect? I am not a brave driver and would never take any chances with the safety of my horses so its got to be up to the job. I'll put the link to the one I'm thinking about below. Would appreciate any help and advice you can give.


  • MctwodrinksMctwodrinks Junior Member

    Hi Erin,

    I would say YES! to buying a rok. I tow my boat which is 2 tonne doesnt even phase it. I dont really do to many hills towing it but it still handles well. With the one you are looking at & it being auto & you wanting to climb mountain ranges with it, in my opinion thats an advantage. Aswell as when you come over the other side the hill decent control will help aswel. The car seems to have all the service history, if you are unsure take a mechanic with you to have a once over of the vehicle but from what i can see online, it does look pretty clean.

    Hope this was of some help.



  • Thanks Jonno, its good to know people are happy with the towing. Its about 1000km from where I am to the one I'm thinking of purchasing so I'll be on my own (fingers crossed it'll all work out). Would still love to hear from any people with experience of using it on the steep slopes though as it is the descent control that worries me. If it doesn't have a low enough gearing will it manage to keep it together with 2.5 tonnes behind it? This is a high rainfall area and I'd hate to find myself slipping on the way down.

  • Mctwodrinks - Just saw your comment in another thread that you are in Mackay so the steep inclines I'm talking about are the Eungella Range road (just to give you a picture of what I was talking about). I'm probably worrying for nothing I'm sure but anyway.

  • MctwodrinksMctwodrinks Junior Member

    I sure am @Erin does the horse float have an electric braking system? that would help too, Ah yeah eungella is pretty steep, but i think aslong as you had the hill descent control engaged and the gearbox in tiptronic coming down i think you should have enough control over it.

  • Yes float has electric brakes. Are all these gadgets standard in the vehicle and are they easy to figure out? I am not a technically minded person.

  • doinitsidewaysdoinitsideways Junior Member

    Hey Jono,

    what about the timing belt cover, probably worth making sure that is done.


    just had a look at the listing, it’s not far down the road from me. I noticed there are no spotlights etc, could be worth getting some spotlights added as I’ve heard the standard halogen lights aren’t great, but others may be able to comment with better knowledge as I have the bi-xenon lights and they are great.

  • MctwodrinksMctwodrinks Junior Member

    thats good then, yeah mine is just a button beside the gear stick i push it & the light will come up on the dash to say its engaged & the tiptronic you just knock the gear stick to one side and then you can choose the gears you want to stay in.

    @doinitsideways that is a valid point, would be interested to see what the has been done in the service history.

    I have the standard halogen in mine, then i have led's in the bullbar that are bright they arent the greatest for distance but i have a lightbar that makes up for it....

  • doinitsidewaysdoinitsideways Junior Member


    probably worth asking the owner if it has the ‘updated timing belt cover’?

    And from jonno above, just factor in a couple of hundred extra for a set of spotlights/lightbar for night driving with the trailer on.

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