Grinding noises in 1st 3 gears

Just returning from a trip to the Cape, mainly the PRD so 4WD only engaged a few times with difficult creek crossings. Since Hann River Roadhouse on the way home I've noticed a grinding noise in lower gears, especially with the windows down. At highway speeds in 4/5/6 the noise may be masked by wind noise and road noise. It doesn't seem to be getting worse (in Proserpine tonight), but I'm mystified as to the cause. 170k+ running really well otherwise, even though a bit twitchy on the worst of the PDR corrugations.

Am I safe in assuming it's okay to continue back home to Toowoomba before having it checked out? Or should I head for a dealer in Mackay or Rockhampton? Anyone had similar issues? Any clues as to likely cause(s)? It's a wee bit disconcerting in a cafe that's been otherwise hassle free...


  • MctwodrinksMctwodrinks Junior Member

    If it was me i would go & get it checked, there is Mackay city auto here in town, theyre on nelson street, last thing you want is to be stuck on the highway with a buggered synchronizer or something like that!

  • doinitsidewaysdoinitsideways Junior Member

    Completely unrelated, I remember sitting on 110 in my old 75 series cruiser on the M1 and slowly felt it slowing down, I’d put my foot down and it would keep slowing, opened tithe window to this god awful noise and slowed down and pulled into a servo...

    the seal between the transfer case and gearbox had failed, the transfer case had pushed all its oil back into the gearbox and run gears came out from the tranny rebuild all melted and knurled over...

    rebuilt transfer case all OEM, new OEM gearbox straight outta japan and did the rear diff OEM rebuild at the same time (had a small leak and the LSD was shot).

    cost a tad over $7000 and now I hate any unfamiliar noises from drivetrain and stop as soon as I notice them...

  • PjayPjay Junior Member
    edited July 22

    Big sigh of relief - no transmission issues, but a bad bearing in the power steering pump. Cost a little over $1,400. That included a precautionary drive belt change, new upgraded belt tensioner and idler pulley.

    Had to replace the air con compressor earlier this year, so it's getting a little expensive with just 170k on the odometer.

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