Tassie Roks

Hi - a new Amarok owner !!!! but where to start ? I have a MY16 4X4 Core - 4wd training ? basic equipment ? considering towing an Aframe van .... cheers, Steve


  • Hi Steve,

    We'll be bringing our 2016 Highline down to Tassie to help out on the in-laws farm (southern Central Highlands) pretty regularly from now on as FiL is not well.

    Last time we were down some dodgy fu63r in a hatchback blew by us in the (single lane, no overtaking) roadworks on the Midland hwy near Oatlands - obviously fed up with all the speed restrictions .

    *Something* hit our right rear passenger window which shattered inwards, showering the 6 year old in safety glass. As it was Easter, had to wait about a week for new glass to be flown down from Melbourne and installed (big props to Novus auto glass).

    First thing we did was install a roller cover on the tray. Next step is tow ball and kit, ATR tyres (any recommendations on R18s?).

    Looking forward to getting in to some of the remote fishing spots up there - have caught some monsters just in Meadowbank!

  • kippiekippie Junior Member

    When I got my new Amarok 3 years ago I soon realised that it's a different beast altogether compared to the 4wd vehicles on the market at the time. So I took a 4wd training course. I found that it could do a lot more than I was comfortable with so it was a real eye opener. But it also taught me how to get the most out of its technology. Better to find out in a controlled environment than out in the bush.

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