DPF surgery

I've seen plenty of images on the internet of blocked DPF filters (from various manufacturers) and was wondering what would be the go with opening up the DPF on the Amarok, ripping out all that blocked up filter crap, welding it back up and then driving as normal?

I know there's pressure differential sensors plugged in fore and aft to tell if the filter is blocked, but will they still work with all the honeycomb crap gone? I've never seen any images that have an actual probe in the honeycomb itself... SO how would it know?


  • Partially answering my own question here...Some manufacturers have more problems with this than the VW Amarok. I came across this on a Mazda forum

    The differential pressure sensor will be looking for a different back pressure (or difference across the filter) for different air flow/engine load and time conditions. For example, If you have driven at 75% engine load and 80% throttle for 2500ms it knows what the differential pressure should be and that it will be different for any variation in engine condition. It has a MAP in the ECU that will cross reference all the engine load sensor readings against feedback from the differential pressure sensor and flag a fault if it’s outside of tolerance.

    So a constant value will flag a fault code for an implausible signal from differential sensor and the ECU will default to limited operational strategy.

    If you remove the filter without writing it out of the software it will see too low a differential pressure and again flag a code and default to LOS.

    Basically the system is pretty clever and will know if you remove the filter the same as it knows when it’s over loaded.

    So, just wondering if anyone has tried it on the Amarok? Simply gutting the DPF and seeing what codes (if any) crop up.

  • yes you can remove the inners from particle filter or even get new pipe without one but you will require tune of engine ecu to eliminate the codes as otherwise will go into limp mode so no power. Will probably be about 800-1000 dollars. They can also tune to make a bit more power at same time.

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