2014 Starlight Blue Highline Auto - parts or major repair

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With some sadness my 2014 Highline blew a rod through the block last weekend. There may be some damage to the transmission bell housing. I am glad it was 10m from my mechanics by chance, not at 110kph overtaking a truck with my family on board towing my camper.

I am done with it and want to offer it to genuine interested parties as a complete paper weight, I can't justify the cost in repairing and won't replace it with another Amarok to reuse the accessories - please don't waste my time in your offers. I've had it since new - May 2014.

I'm located in Brisbane and it will need to be towed to you at your cost.

2014 Highline Auto; 43 000kms (!?!?!) ; Starlight Blue

There are some pinstripes from using it for what its supposed to be used for. I will fully disclose that I used it on easy to moderate bush tracks, never worked it hard, went to the Cape last year (hence the mods) and stayed on the PDR, have never had it through a deeper than my knee water crossing. It went to the beach on Moreton for 3 days 18 months ago, otherwise it hasn't seen anymore sand. I want to fully disclose its had a relatively easy off road life because I'm conservative and have a wife and 3 little kids. There is the f'ing annoying ding in the tailgate from my mate "helping" to change a tyre and not taking out the lowering handle before dropping the tailgate.

Mods and accessories, big mods done by Wolf 4x4, ARB:

Crispmods intake and stage 1 tune

HPD Catch Can

Diff Breather kit

Safari Snorkel (12m old)

AFN III Bullbar (12m old)

AFN underbody protection (12m old), not the diff or fuel tank but everything else

Outback Armour Adjustable Front Suspension (15m old)

Outback Armour Rear suspension 400kg constant (15m old)

Legendex Exhaust (12m old) - my fav mod; includes the full back extension (unused in plastic)

Runva 11 XP Winch (12m old), badge mod for winch control

Factor 55 Winch Hook - orange, with rope guard

Redarc TowPro Elite (12m old)

Ram Mounts RHS of steering wheel and at both dash insert points

7 or 8" Android Head unit upgrade, will supply original radio

iCom IC450 and RFI Town and country pack (18m old) - I think 3dbi and 5dbi antennae; remote control in mic; plug for handset mounted in the tray in front of the shifter - its a great UHF, very clean handset

12v USB outlets in the same tray in front of the shifter

Dash Mat

FyrLyt 5000 Spots (12m old)

6x BFG KM2, 265/75R16 123/120Q - 2 new never used, 2x40%; 2x50%

6x Dynamic D hole steel 16" rims (24m old)

10 or so spare wheel studs

Optima D34 Dual Battery under bonnet (18m old); mounted on an outback accessories battery tray

Traxide USI150 Dual Battery Isolator (18m old) - look up their website; Au made; several selectable modes (switch under steering column) including jumping, winching, link down to 12v isolation or standard 12.7 isolation

Blue Sea 80a resettable circuit breaker to rear

4b&s cable to the rear - $100 worth of cable for 5m run

Blue Sea systems e-series battery switches for the winch and dual battery (18m old) look them up

Roof rack lights - STEDI slimline LED light bar, STEDI side lights, all controlled by switches in the shifter panel

Front Runner roof rack, Jerry Rack, Hi-Lift attachment (12m old)

ARB Ascent Canopy with internal roof rack frame, Thule wingbars on canopy (12m old)

Rear mounted LEDs; can turn on from in cab (manually, anytime - not just in reverse) or rear switches

120w fixed roof solar; 6.5a input at midday

HMRF2000B battery monitor (12m old) - RF battery monitor

Ultragauge - I may or may not keep this

210 ah of rear AGMs installed in the canopy behind drawers

Outback Accessories (ARB) drawers and side panels (they were second hand when I got them)

Redarc BMS 1230 v2 battery management (12m old) display mounted R rear switch panel

Rear switch panel and 12v outlets

ARB Compressor (fixed in the rear) - I may keep this

easy down gas struts tailgate

Rhino Liner spray tub lining

Anderson, 7 Pin flat and Solar input behind the rear number plate

eBay Neoprene Seat Covers and Console cover

eBay "sandgrabba" type floor mats

AFN side steps (12m old)

Some things lying around at home:

Genuine side steps (some cosmetic damage underneath, ok on top) no bolts

Genuine Comfort rear leaf springs, struts, Genuine front suspension and springs

I may have missed some things, I'll add them as I think of them.

A mentioned - please - I don't want to be offered any unrealistic amounts. A great deal has gone into the car, only 12-18 months ago. I also appreciate it needs a new engine and possibly transmission, and that ain't cheap.

I can take some photos at some point if that helps.



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