Amarok 4 banger engine cover

Does anyone know if VW make a cover for the engine to cover the ugly pipework and tubing?


  • ozcaddyozcaddy Supporting Member

    Not specifically for an Amarok but the Golf/Passat covers from the 2 litre engine may do a half decent job , Wifeys Passat cover looks like I could make it fit

    Go to a VW wreckers and see what you see


  • ahebronahebron Junior Member

    There are a few ball couplings on the top of the csha engine that I always thought would take a cover. It might help suppress the cold engine rattle till they are warm.


  • I noticed the same ball connections. As the engine may have similarities with the VW Transporter engine, I’m going to investigate if they are compatible.

    It could help with some noise suppression. But I only want it to cover over the mass of tubing and hoses.

  • MctwodrinksMctwodrinks Junior Member

    I thought my core plus came with one because i saw the ball connections, but the dealership told me it was only the V6 model that came with them as standard, if i wanted one i would have to order one.

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