Battery Jump Starter


Looking into getting a jump starter for the rok, not to keen on one of the big bulky ones. I have a 2017 core plus.

I was looking at the Trekpow 1500a, according to the item description they are for engines up to 8L 'Gas' & 6.5L Diesel which is plenty!

What are peoples thought/ recommendations on makes models etc... ?




  • gnelgnel Senior Member
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    I have a noco gb40. Works on up to 6.0 petrol and 3.0 diesel motors. Very small and light. Works great!

  • MctwodrinksMctwodrinks Junior Member

    @gnel Thanks heaps for that i will have a look into that.


  • ForbieForbie Senior Member
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    Max Lee emergency jump starter.800A

    peak capacity. 30000mAH

    Has USB outputs and connectors for all types of devices.

    I have used it a couple of times to start the Ute with a nearly discharged battery, and have used it many times to charge the laptop, phone and iPod. Excellent emergency light too.

    Can vouch for this equipment. Bought on Amazon Australia from eLinz. ($130, free delivery ).

  • MctwodrinksMctwodrinks Junior Member

    Cheers for that @Forbie will have a gander at this one when i get back from work :)



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