Should I buy an Amorok?

Hello forum members. I am in the market for a new 4WD. I am considering an Amorok Sportline. However, I just had a roadworthy done on my old ute and my mechanic asked me what I was buying. I said I am considering Amorok. He strongly advised me against this as he thinks they are poorly built. I'm not sure what he bases this opinion on but it spooked me. I know all the reviews are great, but in the main they are from someone who takes a new car for a drive, but I want to know is the car still great a few years down the track or are they prone to major problems? Is the back up service from VW OK? What happens if you are in say Central Qld and you have a problem, is help close at hand? Anyway, I'd rather ask all you folk who have experience with the vehicle rather than a saleman. Thanks for your time.


  • ozcaddyozcaddy Supporting Member

    Most vehicles since 2000 have been reasonably well built with few problems however some do slip through , has your mechanic owned an Amarok or where did he get this insightful info from ???

    What happens in any vehicle stuck in the middle of Qld , you have to somehow get it to a town does not matter the make

    Also as to poorly built most are now assembled by robots , maybe the VW robots are a bit slacker (lol)

    My Amarok is coming up 7 yrs old and it still is better than any comparable vehicle


  • Thanks for your reply Oz. I'm guessing he has seen a couple of crook cars come in, possibly poorly driven and maintained, and decided on that. I don't know. But I have not seen too many horror stories elsewhere. I plan on keeping this car for a good while so I am just keen to get something I know will last. Cheers

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    Interesting question as many new car reviewers ('CardAdvice' et al) rave about the Amarok, but there are many reports of poor quality and a less than stellar backup from VW Corporate and many dealers.

    The general consensus (and happy to be corrected) seems to that there are no more systemic issues (after problems with shredded drive belts destroying engines and a few turbo leaks), just a bunch of unrelated issues put down to poor build quality and QC. John Cadogan ('Autoexpert' - take him as you will) is pretty scathing.

    For me in the market for a good dual cab for 'grey nomad' duties on retirement, the V6 Amarok is a hot contender providing a more efficient and much cheaper option than a 200 series LC. But long term reliability and remote location reliability, is an issue I haven't resolved yet in my own mind. It would be great to hear stories from real people with no affiliation or angle to push, with lots of KMs under their belt who can attest to, or otherwise, the reliability of the Amarok.

    So a question to all of you long term Amarok owners (100k+ kms) - what is your view based on your own experience on the Amarok V6 (and the 2L) for towing a 2.5t (max laden) caravan around Oz with some occasional dirt road/track duties (think GCR, GRR, TT, Cape York, BT - nothing too onerous).

  • We brought a new Amarok v6 for a work vehicle doing a lot of heavy towing 3.5 ton and carrying heavy loads. In 11months the vehicle has done 55000ks. The vehicle has plenty of power and very economical, tows 3.5tow easily and carries 1 ton easily. Handles dirt corrugated roads and the tub is a good size.

    Down side: It is not a bush vehicle has poor ground clearance, reversing up a slight decline with 3.5 ton trailer after 50mts the transmission over heats and won't go any further. Twice we have had the hose from the air filter to the inlet manifold come off, the second time was on a trip to the tip of Cape York, don't know how long it was off for travelling in dusty conditions, vehicle went into limp mode and is now back at the dealer with a faulty DPF and EGR.

    I have asked VW to replace the engine as the clamp holding the air inlet hose to the manifold is insufficient to do the job on rough corrugated roads awaiting there reply

  • I moved from an 03 RA rodeo (essentially a Isuzu DMax) to a new 13 Isuzu Dmax which I owned until this year. Both of these vehicles were exceptional, trouble free work horses and I wouldn't hesitate to own one again; if I only wanted a workhorse. They had both towed our motorbikes and ski boat around on weekends with ease.

    Due to work expenses after owning the Dmax for 6 years (was supposed to move it on after 4) I decided to look for a new work/play/family vehicle. After spending many hours reading, talking to owners and looking at the new range of utes I narrowed my choice down to another DMax or an Amarok.

    My usage of the vehicle had changed, I no longer needed a pure workhorse and was looking for some more creature comforts.

    I test drove a DMax Xrunner and it felt pretty much like driving my 6yr old DMax SX; which I have already mentioned had been great as a workhorse. Maybe I was expecting something different but to me it wasnt.

    Next I drove the V6 Amarok and straight away I was impressed, felt a lot more comfortable, lot more refined and the power/torque of the V6 is exceptional. So I negotiated a deal on a 1000km demo sportline and in a week or so I was driving it.

    A couple of months on I am still very happy; have a minor issue with a power window that was known at the time of purchase. Fuel economy is low 9's which is pretty much the same as I was getting out of the DMax.

    So I cant help with long term yet but my first impressions are very good.


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