Looking to fit a bullbar


I am looking to fit a bullbar - have got quotes from TJM, ARB and Ironman and for a colour coded bull bar they are all asking around 3k. Does anyone know of a cheaper bar?

Thanks in advance.


  • MctwodrinksMctwodrinks Junior Member
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    i would think it would come down to what style of bar you're chasing. I live in north qld so i went the TJM outback bar that was around the same price. I got it fitted with the premier gunshot winch and a snorkel and it came to just over 5k if i remember correctly. I cant fault it!

    Tough toys had the xrox bar for like $1200

  • CalibratedCalibrated Administrator

    AFN is the nicest bar on an Amarok, full bumper replacement.

    Still around $3k colour coded and fitted, but at least it has recovery points standard.

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