Trans oil cooler

Taking delivery of a new Highline TDI550 next week and have just started wondering about the transmission oil cooler, does anyone know what type is fitted ?, air to oil ? coolant to oil etc, is the fitting of a second air to oil cooler required for towing etc ?

Any advice is welcome




  • doinitsidewaysdoinitsideways Junior Member


    did you get anywhere with this?

    i was contemplating a secondary cooler with thermofan and temp sensor to assist when driving off-road or on sand to help keep the box cool.

  • David PDavid P Member

    If you are going to do any serious hill climbing at low speeds (ie: High Country) you need to be aware that the auto transmission may very well overheat and stop the car! It doesn't just go into limp mode - it just stops!

    Had this happen on a number of occasions on Black Tracks whilst track clearing for DWELP in September 2018 (very cool days) and on Trig Track at Walhalla (warm day) where Sam Rowe from the ACV had to tow me up the last 400m or so with the Disco.

    Towing does not appear to be an issue - we did 15,500km last year (about 12,000km off bitumen) towing 1500kg of T-Van up through Birdsville to Normanton, across the Savannah Way, Gibb River Road, etc. in the heat without any problems.

    Volkswagen Australia refuse to recognise the problem (along with some other issues the Rok has - like no Off Road mode while towing with a VW wiring loom) but this is fairly typical.

    Mark Dirnbauer (Net 4X4) is developing a fan kit for in front of the transmission cooler - I might even get one in time for my Canning Trip in 8 weeks???

  • doinitsidewaysdoinitsideways Junior Member

    Mark does some good gear. Will wait to see what he comes up with.

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