Morning All,

just thought I’d drop a short review on the Carista module and mobile app for anyone curious.

I’ve got the 18 V6 Highline and I’ve succesfully been able to use the Carista to enable the following cool little features;

Auto lock doors when driving

Auto unlocks doors when key removed or a door is open

DRL lights dim when indicator is on

MMI developer menu (although haven’t really learnt what can be done in it yet)

Refuel quantity in MFD

Seat belt warning DISABLED!!!

Flash brake lights in emergency stopping

Side mirror heaters on when rear delisted turned on

Tear wipe after windscreen wash

Disable traffic warning on MMI when car first turned on...

theres quite a few other options, and for the $20 + P&H, the app has 1 month free access to change settings, it’s worth every $$...

i have the list of options (all of them are model dependant) if anyone is interested.




  • Sent you a message but to anyone else that has Carista, what is your Instrument Custer Region set to ?

    Mine is 'Europe/Other' from the dealer, NOT 'Australia' ?

    Has the dealer forgot to make a change ?


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