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steveosteveo Junior Member
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hi guys ,
my door locking mechanism is playing up.. all doors lock except drivers side.. and it locks and unlocks every time we start and stop driving.. how do i know which one/side or door is faulty


  • ScotRokScotRok Supporting Member
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    A good code reader should be able to isolate which one is playing up.
  • DrewDrew Super Moderator
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    My drivers door played up briefly and locking and unlocking with the key seemed to fix it. Haven't had a repeat of it for well over 2 years

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  • phillmphillm Junior Member
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    Had the same issue. - mine was front passenger door.
    Lock up the car from outside, check all doors and the faulty door will not be locked.
    Picked up a second hand lock from the wreckers all good now.
  • There is a key reset on the inside of the door that worked for me. Google amarok door reset and there is a YouTube video on the subject.

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